Leasing Information


Our flexible lease or ownership plans and programs make it easy to get the number and type of vehicles you need while keeping costs under control. We will work with you to decide whether to lease or own your vehicles, select the lease features, analyze costs and benefits, customize your lease, then shift to us as much of the day to day fleet management and maintenance administration as you like.

CFL acquires vehicles for your company at controlled fleet prices. We then finance the vehicle for you, for the length of time you decide, at very competitive rates. We can even set up financing to qualify as “off balance sheet”.
CFL offers our customers a single, universally accepted fleet card. The Fleet card gives you sophisticated purchase control and expense monitoring, reducing the time and energy spent managing your fleet.
We are helping you to Grow your Business

As an independent lessor our focus is on our clients and what they need to operate fleet vehicles in an easy, cost-effective manner. Regardless of the size of your fleet, we have the ability to handle all of your fleet needs.


Let us show you how CFL is providing productive management solutions for all size fleets. Our hope is that one day one of those fleets will be yours!