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Vehicle Remarketing                                                                                   

When is the "best" time to replace vehicles in your fleet? Give us a fleet list containing the basics and we can recommend a plan that will allow you to call the shots in advance. Don't get caught needing to replace half, or worse yet ALL, of your fleet all at once. We can suggest alternatives that may afford flexibilities you may not have considered. In some cases, simply downsizing your fleet, or shifting into alternatively sized vehicles may be what is needed. We provide consulting, purchasing, and resale services and tailor programs to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Vehicle disposition can be as important as vehicle acquisition. We believe that each vehicle has its own unique market, so we make a practice of selling cars and trucks individually instead of packaging them for bulk sale with a number of other used vehicles. We understand regional vehicle preferences, we are experts in evaluating the seasonal factors that affect sale prices, and can even transport vehicles to more lucrative markets when conditions warrant.

Too see what we can do to help maximize your resale dollar, contact us when you are about to dispose of your next vehicle.Contact Us

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