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Whether you own or lease, your company could benefit from one of our Maintenance Management programs. We can help you reduce downtime and control the total life cycle cost of your fleet. Our Maintenance Management team is available around the clock, providing personalized, one-on-one service, tailored to meet the special needs of your company and your vehicle fleet.

We'll work with you to design a Maintenance Management program maximizing the investment you've made in your fleet, supplying all the tools and information you need to effectively operate and maintain your vehicles. Our many Maintenance Management services include maintenance coupon programs, a nationwide network of vendors, ASE certified maintenance technicians, emergency roadside assistance, and much more.

National Account Cards

Designed to keep your vehicles on the road with minimal intrusion. The National Account Card program is both a cost-control tool for your company and a convenience for your drivers. Using our National Account Card, a driver can get parts and service nationwide, with no hassle, at pre-established prices made possible by our national purchasing power.

These cards establish credit for your employees and their fleet vehicles at more than 35,000 locations, including national account stores (Goodyear, Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, etc.), nationwide. Maintenance and repairs are billed to CFL, consolidated and then one invoice is sent to you for payment.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Booklet

An easy way to keep on top of PM schedules for your fleet vehicles. These books are tied to a specific vehicle and designed around manufactures maintenance schedules for specific mileage intervals. The schedule prescribes the necessary work needed and acts as a purchase order for the work to be completed.

Scheduled maintenance services are grouped to coincide with regular oil change intervals to reduce vehicle/driver down time. The schedule is used with the National Account card and is honored by all our National Account vendors. To increase your control of vehicle repair, any service or repair that is not listed on the schedule requires additional authorization.

Maintenance Management

This program takes the headache and guesswork out of keeping your fleet moving. With a team of Maintenance Controllers and nationwide network of repair facilities, one call translates a frantic breakdown into a situation handled.

Teamed with the National Account Card and the PM Coupon book, Maintenance Management keeps your vehicles ready for the road, cuts your operating and administrative costs, and frees you from the day-to-day details of fleet management.

The biggest reasons this system works so well are:

  • We monitor your fleet and alert drivers (and fleet managers) when maintenance is needed.
  • Any work costing more than $100.00 requires our prior authorization and a purchase order, so unnecessary or excessive maintenance expense is eliminated.
  • We maintain positive control of parts quality and labor rates, and make sure you get all manufacturers' warranty benefits, as well as the maximum discounts available through our national purchasing power.
  • Your vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum because we have preventive maintenance performed while a vehicle is already at a service facility for repairs.

For more information on how our maintenance options can work for your fleet, contact us directly.

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